Film Review 2020 Part I

21 Dec 2020

The gallery team have chosen their top 20 films created by our artists over the last year. You will see a selection of these films appearing on social media and here are the first five to share with you...

1. Kate Downie | April 2020
Kate Downie produced a moving film featuring her mother, following a parallel paintings project, started by Kate.
You can view work by Kate Downie here and prints here.

2. Ross Ryan | January 2020
Back in January, we very much enjoyed an update from Ross Ryan on a particularly windy day at work...
You can view work by Ross Ryan here.

3. Clive Bowen | February 2020
In February 2020, Christina Jansen visited Clive Bowen's Shebbear Pottery and caught this disastrous moment!
You can view work by Clive Bowen here.

4. David Cass | August 2020
David Cass travelled home to Stow in the Borders to spend a couple of weeks painting; taking film at intervals to chart his progress for us.
You can view work by David Cass here.

5. Jonathan Christie | May 2020
Jonathan Christie created a wonderful time-lapse allowing us to see his working process as he created a new work in watercolour, gesso and graphite on board.
You can view work by Jonathan Christie here.

View Part II of the Film Review 2020 here.

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