Great Scots In Isolation | Highlights

25 Jun 2020

We have compiled some of the highlights of our Great Scots in Isolation films, blogs and podcasts created by our artists during this period. Thank you to all the artists involved and we hope you enjoy our selection.

Ewan McClure| FILM & blog

Ewan McClure is a painter deeply connected to the history of belle peinture and if he recalls any single Scottish painter it is Samuel John Peploe, in his early period: the given of brilliant draughtsmanship, the understanding, and respect for the medium, the confidence to eschew the conventional but without relying on contrivance. You can find out more about Ewan McClure in his short film and fully illustrated blog.

You can read the blog here

You can view Ewan McClure's work here.

Lachlan Goudie | podcast

Lachlan Goudie welcomed us to the Dorset countryside as he presented a podcast that acted as a 'painter's diary entry'.

I have been painting flowers...I have seen and watched Spring blossom all around me. The trees had no leaves, the flowerbeds were green. In the ensuing weeks the leaves suddenly appeared to turn from lemon fresh green to a richer, darker viridian green in early June.

Lachlan Goudie

You can view Lachlan Goudie's work here.

jacqueline ryan | Film

Jacqueline Ryan welcomed us to her jewellery studio in Todi, Perugia, Italy. Here we caught a glimpse of the rich variety of visual material that Jacqueline surrounds herself with within her studio: models, images and reference material.

You can view Jacqueline Ryan's work here.

Jonathan Christie | Film & blog

We were introduced to Jonathan Christie back in 2017, when he participated in our 175th celebrations with St Jude's and he enjoyed a solo exhibition with us in December 2019. During lockdown, we discovered that he is a gifted musician and imaginative film maker as well as a painter and book designer. You can watch his film and accompanying visual blog to find out more about his studio life.

You can read the blog here.

You can view Jonathan Christie's work here.

Angie Lewin | film

Artist and printmaker Angie Lewin created a fantastic film shot in Edinburgh by her husband Simon Lewin who runs St Jude's Prints & Fabrics. Angie is busy working towards her solo exhibition with The Gallery this October.

You can view Angie Lewin's work here.

Philip Braham | Blog

Philip Braham is a brilliant communicator and he wrote an insightful and sensitive short essay which discusses his art education and background, influences and a seminal moment when he encountered Holbein the Younger’s, An Allegory of the Old and New Testaments, which stopped him in his tracks when he first saw the painting at the National Galleries of Scotland. You can read our fully illustrated blog to find out more.

What impressed me was not the message, but the recognition that paintings can be powerfully persuasive and carry meaning and significance that is beyond its aesthetic appeal.

Philip Braham

You can read the blog here.

You can view Philip Braham's work here.

gus fisher | film

Gus Fisher created a short film that allowed us to see how he creates one of his beautiful stone carvings.

You can view Gus Fisher's work here.

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