The Scottish Gallery Quiz

22 Apr 2020

We thought we’d test your Gallery history knowledge with a quiz. We have three prizes up for grabs on a first to enter correctly basis:

3rd Prize - If you get 13/15 questions correct, a copy of S.J. Peploe by Guy Peploe

2nd Prize - If you get 14/15 questions correct, a copy of Joan Eardley by Christopher Andreae

1st Prize - If you get 15/15 questions, a copy of S.J. Peploe by Guy Peploe and a bottle of Moet & Chandon Champagne

Quiz closes 30th April - Answers published 1st May 2020

The Scottish Gallery Quiz

1. What year did Aitken Dott & Son open? 1842

2. Which artist had a major retrospective in the City Art Centre in 2019? Victoria Crowe

3. Which Alexander McCall Smith books feature Guy Peploe? 44 Scotland Street

4. Where did Sir William Gillies live? Temple

5. Who was Elizabeth Blackadder married to? John Houston

6. What Room did Wendy Ramshaw create in The Gallery in 2002? The Room of Dreams

7. What was James Morrison’s exhibition in January called? From Angus to the Arctic

8. Which great British Studio potter was captured on camera having a pot disaster in the studio in March 2020? Clive Bowen

9. Which artists has the gallery represented who were also Principals of Edinburgh College of Art? Sir Robin Philipson, Sir William Gillies & Ian Howard

10. Which artist created the John Byrne portfolio, Dear John, in March this year? David Eustace

11. What famous sculpture sits in the Water of Leith in Stockbridge? Antony Gormley

12. Joan Eardley had two distinct subjects – figurative and landscape – name the two locations associated with her work. Townhead, Glasgow & Catterline

13. What internationally acclaimed artist, potter and author had a solo exhibition with The Gallery in 1998? - Edmund de Waal

14. Which Scottish island did S J Peploe & F C B Cadell go to every year after WWI and up until 1932? Iona

15. Name two mother and son artists who have exhibited with the Gallery? Anne Redpath & David Michie and Frances Macdonald & Ross Ryan

The Scottish Gallery Quiz
The Scottish Gallery Quiz
The Scottish Gallery Quiz
Moet & Chandon Champagne
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