What's on in April

08 Apr 2020

William Crosbie | The Devoted Creative

We are delighted to announce William Crosbie's fifth solo show with The Scottish Gallery.

Crosbie did enjoy the life he led, the distinct, challenging life of the devoted creative. He had a fine, enquiring mind, was deeply read and was immersed in the liberal arts; he had great technical gifts and was happy to apply these far beyond the confines of studio and easel but at the same time he recognised that a painter needed to paint and to exhibit. This determination to be engaged with the hurly burly and a prodigious work ethic have left much to be rediscovered and when his widow Anne moved from the home they shared in Hampshire last year we felt that so much unseen work deserved an airing, alongside one of his many wonderful model boats. We are grateful to the family for their faith and assistance and to Ewan Mundy for his fine introduction in the accompanying catalogue. Please click here to purchase the catalogue.

'My devotion to the muse and the life it has led me has meant I have enjoyed richness of texture not readily to hand to the majority of my fellow citizens.'

William Crosbie, 1990

View the exhibition online here.

What's on in April
Cathédrale à l'Huile, oil on board, 76 x 64cm
What's on in April
Churchall Pink Roses, oil on board, 31 x 28 cm

In the News

Duncan Macmillan for The Scotsman - Sunday 5th April ****
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Alex Knubley | From Harris to Humbie

The Scottish Gallery is delighted to welcome back Alex Knubley for her latest solo exhibition. From Harris to Humbie explores the beauty of the ever-changing Scottish landscape from the Hebrides to the Scottish Borders.

Read our blog for an insight into Alex's studio and the inspiration behind her work and view the exhibition online here.

I work from a small shed/studio (shedio!) at the bottom of my garden, weaving from memory, sketches and photographs - paintings that explore the natural world as it changes colour, season and weather around me.

Alex Knubley, 2020
What's on in April
A Wonderous Place, 2020, oil and beeswax on canvas, 18 x 40 cm
What's on in April
Paradise Found, Lewis, 2020, oil & beeswax on canvas, 23 x 21.5 cm

Masters of Slipware: East & West | Clive Bowen & Masaaki Shibata

We are delighted to present two masters, Clive Bowen & Masaaki Shibata, together for the first time in the United Kingdom, linking artists working in two distant parts of the world who share the same enduring passion for the language of clay. Masters of Slipware succeeds in joining two potteries from east and west: Sasayama (Tamba, Japan) and Shebbear (Devon).

Please click here to purchase the accompanying catalogue and click here to read our extended blog that offers a further insight into the journey and events that led to this exhibition.

View the exhibition online here.

Together, these two masters ‘communicate through pots’ and both believe in the ‘values of craftsmanship and truth to materials above all else.'

Christina Jansen, 2020
What's on in April
Clive Bowen - A Selection of Jugs
What's on in April
Masaaki Shibata - Yunomi II, 2019, white glazed stoneware, H:9 D:7.5cm

Michael Becker | Beauty in Geometry

We are delighted to present a collection of jewellery new to The Gallery this April from Michael Becker. Michael is renowned for working predominantly in gold, which he combines with stones such as lapis lazuli, uvarovite and red mineral pigment. His exquisite small scale constructions offer us a powerful contemporary interpretation of these most ancient materials, which examines Becker’s use of subtle texture, colour and geometric shapes.

View the exhibition online here.

What's on in April
Red Turned Collier, 2018 AU 750 and Red Pigment, H:0.6, W:0.7, L:46.5cm
What's on in April
Lapis Ring, 2019, AU 750 Gold, Lapis Lazuli, H:4, W:2.2cm

Stephanie Dees | Quiet Cities

The Gallery has recently been consigned a group of work by Edinburgh artist Stephanie Dees, built up over a number of years by a private collector. The artwork captures serene views of Edinburgh, Fife, London and Venice, beautifully rendered in acrylic paint and pencil. Each scene depicts quiet moments in busy places, devoid of traffic and the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Perhaps these sensitive paintings mirror what we are all currently experiencing during lockdown, as Europe’s streets fall silent revealing a different kind of beauty.

For this special online exhibition, 15% of all proceeds made will be donated to the Sick Kids Covid-19 appeal - a charity set up to support the families of children being treated at the Sick Kids Hospital.

Just as we are experiencing at work and home, things are different at the Sick Kids. Families are having to cope with the impact of this outbreak on top of the distress of having a sick or injured child. The incredible NHS staff are working round the clock to make sure every child gets exceptional care throughout the crisis, but they need your help to reduce fear and isolation, and to comfort and support families when they need it most. Please click here to read more about this charity.

What's on in April
Thames, mixed media on card, 15 x 26cm
What's on in April
Edinburgh Children's Hospital Charity

Click here to view the exhibition online

April Staff Picks

The Scottish Gallery staff would like to share with you, on a monthly basis, a selection of our favourite pictures and objects that are in The Gallery's collection but are not always on display. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

To read about our choices, please click here.

What's on in April
Lizzie Farey, Larch Bowl, 2018, H15 x W30 cm
What's on in April
Lizzie Farey in her Galloway studio, image: Walter Neilson
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