Zoom Earrings

15 Apr 2020

Earrings are the latest accessory to help you stand out in your Zoom meetings! Try adding a pop of colour, or work a contemporary take on pearls - or earrings with a little animation to help make a subtle statement online. The Gallery has an outstanding collection of contemporary artists to choose from. We have selected a few of our favourite designs which we think will work best in your meetings. Prices are from £30 upwards.

Marianne Anderson

Marianne Anderson is a graduate from Glasgow School or Art and currently teaches in the Jewellery and silver department. She creates architectural jewellery and works in a palette of black, white and a rich, deep red. These are a contemporary take on a classic pearl pendant earrings which are set in 18ct and oxidised silver. Bold but elegant.

Zoom Earrings
Marianne Anderson, Oval Garland Earrings, 2018, oxidised silver, mabe drop pearls, 18ct gold H:4.2cm W:1.2cm £600

View the work of Marianne Anderson here

Malcolm Appleby

Malcolm Appleby is one of Scotland’s national treasures. These seemingly simple earrings are made in two parts; they catch the light and animate the wearer.

Zoom Earrings
Malcolm Appleby Selection of Geometric Drop Earrings, 2020, silver, H:2-4cm W:0.8-1.7cm, £180 - £290

View the work of Malcolm Appleby here

Elizabeth Jane Campbell

Elizabeth Jane Campbell has just enjoyed a successful solo exhibition with The Gallery. She is an outstanding craftsman who specialises in enamel and precious metal. These earrings are a simple, elegant design with movement. They sit perfectly into the nape and make for an elegant, modern statement.

Zoom Earrings
Elizabeth Jane Campbell, Cluster Earrings, 2017, silver, H:4cm W:1.5cm, £120 per pair

View the work of Elizabeth Jane Campbell here

Shelby Fitzpatrick

Shelby Fitzpatrick currently makes beautiful, light weight colourful jewellery from laser cut Perspex and silver. These earrings give the wearer colour and give a plain outfit a design edge. Perfect!

Zoom Earrings
Shelby Fitzpatrick, Selection of Perspex Earrings, 2019, laser-cut perspex, silver findings, (top left earrings sold), £30 - £40

View the work of Shelby Fitzpatrick here

Grace Girvan

Grace Girvan originally from Orkney and Edinburgh trained specialises in enamel, hammer raising and using non precious stones set in precious metals. These ridged hoop earrings have become a favourite of many gallery friends. They give the wearer light and can be worn with everything.

Zoom Earrings
Grace Girvan, Ridged Hoop Earrings, 2019, Silver, £130

View the work of Grace Girvan here

Ruth Leslie

Ruth Leslie graduated from Glasgow School of Art and she creates statement jewellery in precious metal and titanium. The lobster pot earrings are three dimensional and sit beautifully into the face and give gentle movement. The soft gold and silver complement every skin tone.

Zoom Earrings
Ruth Leslie, Lobster Pot Earrings, 2018, 18ct gold and silver, H:4.5cm D:2cm, £1,890

View the work of Ruth Leslie here

Ann Little

Ann Little specialises in enamel jewellery. These earrings have subtle shape and contour and give a wonderful pop of colour.

Zoom Earrings
Ann Little, Selection of Relief Earrings, 2018, precious white metal, enamel, H:1.1 - 2.1cm W:1 - 2.1cm, £36- £60

View the work of Ann Little here

Heather McDermott

Heather McDermott works in steel and paint as well as working with precious metal. Originally from Skye, the sea is her inspiration. She works in a wide palette of colours, and are highly addictive.

Zoom Earrings
Heather McDermott, Small Buoy Earrings, 2019, Steel and paint, D:2cm,£50

View the work of Heather McDermott here

Misun Won

Misun Won lives and works in Edinburgh. Her three dimensional is shaped from a flat sheet of silver, with added elements of 18ct. Subtle polishing of the edges makes her earrings stand out from the crowd. Beautiful to touch and wear.

Zoom Earrings
Misun Won, Mixed Ovals Earrings, 2019, silver, Keumboo (24ct gold foil), H:2cm W:2cm, £150 - £200

View the work of Misun Won here

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