Film Review 2020 Part II

05 Jan 2021

The gallery team have chosen their top 20 films created by our artists over the last year. You will see a selection of these films appearing on social media and here is part two to share with you...

6. Angie Lewin | October 2020
Angie Lewin and Christina Jansen recorded a conversation held over zoom during her fantastic exhibition, Nature Assembled.
You can view work by Angie Lewin here and prints here.

7. Ewan McClure | May 2020
Ewan McClure created a wonderful time-lapse allowing us insight into his working process.
You can view work by Ewan McClure here.

8. Dawnne McGeachy | August 2020
In August Dawnne McGeachy made a recording for us from her home of Cambeltown in Argyll, explaining the origins of her fascination with the sea that inspires her work.
You can view work by Dawnne McGeachy here.

9. Arran Semple | April 2020
In April Arran Semple showed us how he translates photographs into freehand drawings, using pictures from travels before lockdown.
You can view work by Arran Semple here.

10. Emily Sutton | May 2020
For her exhibition People and Places, Emily Sutton shared the inspiration behind her fabulous watercolours and prints.
You can view work by Emily Sutton here and prints here.

View Part I of the Film Review 2020 here

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