New Book Arrivals!

15 Feb 2022

New Publications

We are delighted to have received a delivery of two fantastic new publications from our friends at St. Judes and Pallant House.

Raucous Invention

The first of these, Raucous Invention, throws open the doors to the wonderfully vibrant and energetic world of the artist Mark Hearld. This beautiful new book features his distinctive collages, textile designs, linocut prints, wallpapers and sculptures (to name just a few), with over 196 fully illustrated pages. The book celebrates Hearld’s recent work and extraordinary creativity. The exuberance and endless inspiration he finds in nature, and his unbridled passion for making, are evident on every page.

New Book Arrivals!

This art is imperfect in the best way, messy and not prone to explaining itself, but the sound of singing and laughter is in the air

Alan Powers

By Mark Hearld with text by Alan Powers and Lydia Wilson. With photography by Hermione McCosh and Antony Crolla. Designed by Nicola Bailey.

Size: 245mm x 300mm
Binding: Hardback with printed cloth cover and full-colour dust jacket
Pages: 196 pages of text featuring over 280 colour illustrations and photographs

Purchase Raucous Invention here

Drawn To Nature

Drawn to Nature explores the natural world as seen through the eyes of British artists including Eric Ravilious, Clare Leighton, and John Piper. Simon Martin has gathered joyful and beautiful images of the extraordinary array of wildlife described by White, providing an insight into the continuing appeal and relevance of the Natural History.

This fascinating account takes us from some of the earliest published depictions of birds and animals, to pioneering nature photography, the revival of wood-engraving in the 1920s and 30s, and responses to Gilbert White's message about the natural world by contemporary illustrators such as Angie Lewin and Emily Sutton - Since its publication in 1789, Gilbert White's Natural History and Antiquities of Selborne has inspired generations of artists, writers and naturalists.

New Book Arrivals!

The book also includes an introduction to the life of Gilbert White by Sir David Attenborough, an essay by Virginia Woolf, poems by modern and contemporary poets, and a jacket design by Mark Hearld.

Size: Dimensions: 236 x 150 x 28 mm
Total Pages: 192
Illustrations: 200 colour and black and white illustrations

Purchase Drawn to Nature here

New Book Arrivals!

exhibition Announcement

Please note that Mark Hearld’s next solo exhibition with The Gallery is December 2022! You can buy his prints here or his cards here.

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