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Studio Visit | Clive Bowen

18 March 2024

Studio visit to Clive Bowen

The Scottish Gallery has represented Clive Bowen since the 1990s. He held his first solo exhibition with us in 2009 and we have enjoyed many solo exhibitions since. Clive Bowen is one of the UK’s leading British Studio Potters and is one of only a handful of artists recognised as a master in slipware in Japan. He has been making wood-fired earthenware at the Shebbear Pottery in Devon since 1971. Christina Jansen visited Clive and Rosie at the Pottery last week.

View the work of Clive Bowen here

After all these years exhibiting at The Gallery, Clive and Rosie feel like family and it is a great privilege to be made welcome at the Shebbear Pottery and enjoy talking pots, cooking, gardening, books, tv and films and anything and everything else. Rosie is also a superb cook and as a guest, it is a pleasure to help in the kitchen. I’m hoping that by osmosis, I can pick up some of Rosie’s French cooking skills. Sharing and enjoying a meal at their table, using all of Clive’s pots makes for the best of conversations.   

Christina Jansen

'The form and function of my work can be traced back to centuries-old pots such as English medieval jugs and early Tamba ware from Japan.' - Clive Bowen

A lovely group of pots have been selected and will be winging their way to The Gallery soon. At 81, Clive is enjoying taking his time making his pots these days, so we look forward to his next solo exhibition in the spring of 2026!

Clive Bowen dinner service

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