6 June 2024 - 27 July 2024

Etruscan Urn II, Amphora II, Winged Ouse II, Flared Annulus II, 2024

lightning-struck English Oak with waxed cotton stitching
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Born: 1988, 1987
Place of Birth: Edinburgh and Perth, Western Australia

Ash & Plumb was created by design duo Barnaby Ash and Dru Plumb, born of a desire to honour naturally sustainable materials; crafting unique and functional works that breathe life into the living spaces they inhabit.

β€˜In an increasingly mass-produced culture, we have decided to walk a different path; paying tribute to traditional craft in a modern context we realise classically formed pieces that allow the natural beauty of the material to shine. We consider ourselves editors not creators of nature’s finest work. For this new collection, we wanted to symbolise the strength that comes with a diverse and physically connected community; communities that we have all been so starved of in recent times and yet are so essential to our sense of belonging and support systems. Each piece we have created is unique in character and form whilst bearing a familial aesthetic that brings them together, celebrating the magnificent diversity within our native hardwoods that mirrors that of our own human counterparts.’ – Ash & Plumb

Ash & Plumb present their second solo exhibition with The Gallery in June-July 2024 – Echoes.

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