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Various Artists


30 June 2022 - 23 July 2022


Alice Fry

Meet the Artist

Born: 1998
Place of Birth: Lincolnshire, UK

Alice Fry is an award winning jeweller and silversmith who recently graduated from The Glasgow School of Art BA(Hons) Silversmithing and Jewellery Design with a First Class degree.

She creates jewellery and silverware that celebrates the chaotic beauty of crystal and mineral formations through the medium of metal. Inspired by mineral growth, Alice explores the material quality, shapes and forms of crystals, gemstones, inclusions and rough rocks using chasing and repoussé. Alice uses the metal niobium within her work, allowing her to add bright pops of colour to her collection through the modern technique of anodising. This has become her specialism, and she is one of a small handful of metalworkers in the UK working in niobium.

Alice studied at Bishopsland Educational Trust 2020-2021, a renowned residential silversmithing and jewellery course in the UK. She now makes her work from her workshop in Sheffield.

Ann Little

Meet the Artist

Born: 1973

Ann Little graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 1996.

“Most of my jewellery incorporates slate or enamel. When I first set up in business I concentrated on hand cutting and filing slate, sometimes inlaying silver and mother-of-pearl. With the purchase of a kiln for enamelling, I began to introduce colour combining enamel with slate, making many pieces reversible to give the wearer a choice of colour. I use enamel powder dry, sprinkling on thin layers of colour, sometimes drawing into the powder enamel or rubbing it back once fired to reveal colours underneath. I also enamel on thin copper shim overheating the enamel to make it burn away from the raised marks that are scored into the metal. My latest work now involves simple, bold shapes.” – Ann Little

Public Collections include:

Aberdeen Art Gallery and Museum; National Museums Scotland, Edinburgh

Jo Pudelko

Meet the Artist

Born: 1975
Place of Birth: Calgary, Canada

Jo Pudelko graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2006. Following a post-graduate qualification in 2007 she spent a year as Artist-in-Residence before establishing her own studio in Edinburgh. Currently she works from her studio space in Dunblane where she has established a multi-disciplinary centre for craft education.

Jo’s work consists of mixed-media jewellery and small-scale sculptural objects. She specialises in casting techniques and often utilises found objects in her practice. Her jewellery has been exhibited in the UK, Europe, America, and China.

“My work explores a continued fascination of how we interact with the environment around us – particularly examining the space where the natural world and the manmade world collide. Casting from household objects I try to highlight connections between our more intimate concept of ‘home’ and the greater responsibility to the planet we live on. My recent work is predominately inspired by the worldwide plight of the bee population. I have been particularly interested in the complex juxtaposition between bees as a part of nature (their history, evolution and biology) and bees as a commodity in our global agricultural economy.”

Lina Peterson

Meet the Artist

Born: 1979
Place of Birth: Mölndal, Sweden

Born in Sweden, but now living and working in London, Lina Peterson is a widely exhibited contemporary jeweller, and graduate of the Royal College of Art.

She exhibits in both gallery and museum contexts and is known for her playful use of colour and mixed material jewellery.

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