Various Artists

Modern Masters Festival Edition 2024

1 August 2024 - 24 August 2024

Our Modern Masters series showcases The Scottish Gallery’s unique ability to blend meaningful historical insights with the best of Scottish contemporary art. In this Festival edition we showcase Sir William Gillies, renowned artist and pioneering Principal at Edinburgh College of Art, alongside a group of his peers, colleagues and former students. We bring together the Peploe family – S.J. Peploe, Denis Peploe, and Clotilde Peploe – and reflect on their legacy of colour. Additionally, we introduce some lesser-known women artists as the wider debate in the art world continues to challenge perceptions of artists.


Barbara Balmer (1929–2017) | Wilhelmina Barns-Graham (1912–2004) | Elizabeth Blackadder (1931–2021) | Robert Henderson Blyth (1919–1970) | Victoria Crowe (b.1945) | Alan Davie (1920–2014) | Pat Douthwaite (1934–2002)
Kate Downie (b.1958) | Joan Eardley (1921–1963) | William Gillies (1898–1973) | Audrey Johnson (1919–2005) | Brenda King (1934–2011) | Brenda Lenaghan (1941–2020) | William Littlejohn (1929–2006) | Sheila Macmillan (1928–2018) | Margaret McGavin (1924–2004) | Leon Morrocco (b.1942) | Ann Oram (b.1956) | Ann Patrick (b.1937) | James McIntosh Patrick (1907–1998) | Clotilde Peploe (1915–1997) | Denis Peploe (1914–1993) | S.J. Peploe (1871–1935) | Anne Redpath (1895–1965) | Joan Renton (b.1935) | Una Shanks (b.1940) | Robert T H Smith (1938–2016) | Geoff Uglow (b.1978)

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