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Red Hot & Blue

06 January 2022 - 29 January 2022

This January we are going Red Hot & Blue with an exciting curated selection of contemporary jewellery featuring rich, warming red and cool, icy shades of blue.

Artists include: Michael Becker, Malcolm Appleby, Dorothy Hogg, Shelby Fitzpatrick, Guy Royle, Emily Kidson, Elizabeth Jane Campbell and Ella Fearon-Low.

Michael Becker

Meet the Artist

Born: 1958
Place of Birth: Paderborn, Germany

Michael Becker is renowned for working predominantly in gold, which he combines with stones such as lapis lazuli, uvarovite and red mineral pigment.

His exquisite small scale constructions offer us a powerful contemporary interpretation of these most ancient materials, which examines Becker’s use of subtle texture, colour and geometric shapes. Michael studied at the Fachhochschule Cologne, Germany and his work is held in numerous pubic collections.

Public Collections include:

Victoria & Albert Museum, London; Schmuckmuseum, Pforzheim Kunstgewerbemuseum; Berlin Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris; Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Montreal; Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg; Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum, New York

Malcolm Appleby

Meet the Artist

Born: 1946
Place of Birth: West Wickham, London

Malcolm Appleby was born in 1946. He studied at Central School of Art, Sir John Cass and the Royal College of Art in London before establishing his studio in Scotland in 1969. A silversmith and metal engraver, known for his imaginative use of line and form, he considers gold “just another lovely material to work with.”

The Scottish Gallery has been associated with Malcolm Appleby since the 1970s; the many facets of his work have brought joy to many, each piece sold marking the beginning of a journey of discovery around this senior artist. The Gallery honoured Malcolm Appleby’s seventieth birthday in January 2016, which marked over fifty years of a creative tour de force. Malcolm Appleby has dedicated his artistic practice primarily to engraving and pushing the boundaries of metalwork; constant experimentation has made him a master of his craft and in 2014 he received an MBE for his outstanding contribution to the arts.

2019 marked fifty years since Malcolm Appleby first set up his studio in Scotland and the exhibition 50 Golden Years in Scotland, featuring both jewellery and silversmithing, recognised his unique contribution to the arts. Malcolm’s infectious enthusiasm for his craft, his willingness to work with other artists and his pleasure in sharing his skills is characteristic of his generosity and pre-eminence. The natural world that surrounds Malcolm’s studio informs every piece; the artist’s inspiration unlimited in the abundance of the world around him.

Public Collections include:
The Victoria & Albert Museum, London; The Goldsmiths’ Company, London; British Museum, London; Royal Armouries, Tower of London; Ashmolean Museum, Oxford; Aberdeen Art Gallery & Museums; The Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge; National Museums Scotland, Edinburgh; and Perth Museum & Art Gallery

Malcolm’s jewellery collection can be viewed here.

In August 2021 we celebrated Malcolm Appleby’s 75th birthday with Malcolm Appleby & Friends. Previous exhibitions include 50 Golden Years in Scotland in March 2019 and The Gallery also hosted a special exhibition in January 2016 to celebrate Malcolm Appleby’s 70th birthday.

Dorothy Hogg

Meet the Artist

Born: 1945
Place of Birth: Troon
Died: 2022

Dorothy Hogg studied at both Glasgow School of Art and the Royal College of Art and was Head of Jewellery & Silversmithing at Edinburgh College of Art from 1985 until 2007.

In 2001 she was awarded an MBE for services to jewellery and silversmithing and in 2005 won the Brilliantly Birmingham Jewellery Award; awarded to the jeweller who has made the greatest contribution to the world of designer-maker jewellery. Dorothy Hogg passed away on the 4th April 2022. She was one of The Scottish Gallery’s favourite contemporary jewellers and will be greatly missed.

Public Collections include: National Museums Scotland, Edinburgh; Aberdeen Art Gallery and Museums; Victoria & Albert Museum, London; Museum of Arts and Design, New York; Goldsmiths’ Company London; Crafts Council, London; Birmingham Art Gallery and Museum; Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art; Musee Des Beaux Arts, Montreal, Canada

Dorothy Hogg was the subject of a solo exhibition Modern Heroine in March 2022 and The Gallery held a retrospective exhibition in October 2014.

Shelby Fitzpatrick

Meet the Artist

Place of Birth: Mississippi, USA

Shelby Fitzpatrick uses repetitive, geometric forms to create sculptural and contemporary jewellery. Her use of varying bright colours combined with laser-cut perspex, based on emerald cut shapes and facets, offers fun and playful adornment.

Originally from the USA, where she trained as a ceramicist and textile artist, she then moved to the UK to study silversmithing and jewellery at Kent Institute of Art and Design.

Guy Royle

Meet the Artist

Born: 1954
Place of Birth: Devon

Guy Royle’s jewellery inhabits a space between the definitions of Art and Craft; mingling influences from both, yet never so far as becoming exclusively one or the other. Brooches are paintings in metal, necklaces are sculptures for the human form, while the tones, shades and textures of raw materials are his palette. This combination of elements brings a timeless and natural quality to his work. What is more, Guy’s jewellery is graceful for its functionality; whatever beauty stems from his work, has derived, and is inseparable from its intent to be worn.

Using the simplest of tools and methods, he works mainly with sheet silver, which is cut, bent, beaten and formed. This metal work compliments his use of natural pebbles and semi-precious stones, which are ground, shaped and drilled into beads.

Since the nineteen-eighties Guy has made a name as a jeweller, however, his varied practice includes printing, painting and weaving. Except for his time at Morley College of Art, Guy is largely self-taught. Perhaps more valuable than any formal education, 25 years as an assistant to the artist Breon O’Casey’s has proved of deeper and more longstanding influence.

Emily Kidson

Meet the Artist

Born: 1982
Place of Birth: Hereford

Emily Kidson creates contemporary jewellery that combines bold materials and colours with traditional craftsmanship. Silver, gold, wood inlay and hand painted details feature in her work alongside colourful laminate components. Emily makes every shape and component by hand in her London studio, and each piece is the culmination of an immersive creative process. She is drawn to areas of fine detail; pattern, repetition and mark making, but also the clear uncluttered spaces around them, and she makes work which strives to find a balance between the two. Old industrial cities and canal sides are particular influences, from tapered chimneys to barges and water towers. A sensitive use of colour is central to her designs and her eye for detail informs the minimal, subtly layered aesthetic of her work.

Originally from Hereford, Emily now live and works in London. After graduating from the University of Brighton with a degree in Three Dimensional Crafts, Emily spent a year at the prestigious Bishopsland Educational Trust. Emily has come back to making after a career as an art librarian. Her use of laminate started when she discovered it as samples in the Materials Collection at Central Saint Martins library in 2013. She has since exhibited widely across the UK and internationally.

Awards include: The Design Trust Award, Made London, 2015; Crafts Council’s Hothouse programme, 2015; Best in Show, Made Brighton, 2014.

Elizabeth Jane Campbell

Meet the Artist

Born: 1989
Place of Birth: Scotland

Elizabeth Jane Campbell graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2013, and then spent a year as Artist in Residence at Glasgow School of Art before establishing her own studio in Edinburgh. Elizabeth’s award winning jewellery has been exhibited across the UK and abroad – most recently in Milan, Munich and America.

‘My recent work explores the connection between colour and shape – taking inspiration from colour theory, colour connotations and visual literacy. Using vitreous enamel enables me to achieve fantastic colours which I contrast with simple oxidised silver settings. The surface finish of the enamel is really important, as a gloss or matt finish can really change the quality of the enamel colour. Each piece is hand finished to highlight the vibrancy of the colour.’

Permanent collections include:
The National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh; The Goldsmiths’ Company, London

Elizabeth was the subject of a solo exhibition in March 2020 – Colour Connections. Read our blog for an insight into her studio and the inspiration behind her work.

Ella Fearon-Low

Meet the Artist

Born: 1975
Place of Birth: London

Ella Fearon-Low mixes materials to create playful sophisticated contemporary jewellery that references historical forms. These forms are themselves a layering up of different visual and cultural references. Having studied at Morley College Ella now works from her London studio to develop and hand produce small collections and one off pieces.

‘Materials are key to my work, often having been collected over time, awaiting the right project to bring their qualities to the fore. They include brass to balsa, sea worn plastic to gold, and pearls to Lucite as well as a treasure trove of found objects. I enjoy the conversation between precious and non-precious components and often position them side-by-side.’

Awards include: Goldsmiths’ Craftsmanship and Design Council Awards 2020 – Bronze, Goldsmiths’ Craftsmanship and Design Council Awards 2018 – Bronze

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