Various Artists

The Miniaturists

3 October 2018 - 22 December 2018

Silver Engraved Beaker, 2015

Britannia silver with gilt interior
H:4.8cm W:4cm
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Nutsquirrel Pendant, 2018

cast silver nut with engraved squirrel, 18ct yellow gold, ruby
H:3cm W:2cm
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Black Sea Urchin Fine Rush Basket by Rosie Farey, 2018

Juncus, Ophiopogon, Sterling Silver
H:1.5cm W:2.5cm
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Four Faces II, 2018

cast bronze, gold leaf, gold powder
H:9.5cm W:4.5cm D:4.5cm
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Miniature Bowls, 2018

silver and enamel
H:3cm W:3cm D:1.5cm
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Seni Vase by Hiroshi Suzuki, 2018

hammer raised and chased fine silver 999
H:4.5cm W:4cm
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Sea Ice Beaker by Yusuke Yamamoto, 2018

hammer raised, chased and engraved Britannia silver 958 with nunome inlay 24ct gold foil
H:6.5cm W:8cm
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Ice Beaker, 2018

hammer raised and chased Britannia silver 958
H:8cm W:7.5cm
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