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Gordon Bryce


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Gordon Bryce

Born: 1943
Place of Birth: Edinburgh

Gordon Bryce studied at ECA 1960 to 1965 and began lecturing at Aberdeen from 1968. He now paints full-time and his work is treasured in numerous public and private collections. Bryce shows regularly in both Scotland and London, his pieces focussing on still life and landscape subjects, the latter typically of Aberdeenshire and the West Coast of Scotland. All his work is painted with a characteristic native richness and strength of colour and texture.

Gordon Bryce has quietly emerged over the last thirty years or so as the Scottish painter who carries the torch for contemporary belle peinture, a torch borne in previous generations by Anne Redpath and SJ Peploe. He is an easel painter with an endless fascination for his chosen medium, for composition and the subtle expressions of familiar landscape. His paintings do not shout for attention, they are the antithesis of the current vogue for artworks arising out of identity politics, instead giving us pause to recognise the value of simple pleasure and truth; his technical gifts are great, but they have never been set to serve the ego. His paintings remind the viewer of the enduring value of well-made paintings which are of their time but timeless.

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