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Jane Keith

Jane Keith

Meet the Artist

Jane Keith lives and works in Balmerino, a small coastal hamlet on the North Fife coast of Scotland. The ever changing seascapes and the rolling lush landscapes on her doorstep as well as colour and pattern are a constant source of inspiration for her work.

‘I see pattern everywhere I look – stripes, chevrons, dots, dashes, abstract composition, layer upon layer of repetition of marks and textured surfaces.’ – Jane Keith

Since the start of her business in 1997, Jane’s textiles have been greatly admired world wide. Initially focusing on interior fabrics, Jane has developed her range to include fashion accessories such as scarves, skirts, ties and neckerchiefs.

Using the highest quality silks, each item is hand painted and printed. Scarves and wall hangings are gradually built up using various dyes and techniques such as monoprinting and silk screen printing. Each one is completely unique. Jane’s current body of work has seen her take her influences into some new directions. She has been researching how print lies on the cloth in relation to the shape of a garment, in the creation of simple silhouetted shapes, which can flatter and enhance the figure.

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