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Jonathan Christie


Ghost Ship: Ketch on the Thames near Blacktail, 2023

mixed media on board
H:30cm W:41cm
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Jonathan Christie

Born: 1969
Place of Birth: London

‘For these four Ghost Ship paintings, I had in the back of my mind a sentence that the mariner and naïve painter Alfred Wallis put in a letter to his patron Jim Ede in 1935: ‘What i do mosley is What use To Bee out of my own memery what We may never see again as Thing are altered all To gether Ther is nothin what Ever do not look like what it was sence i Can Rember…’ Jonathan Christie


Jonathan Christie (b.1969) grew up in South-West London before completing his Foundation at Kingston and his Degree at Maidstone. Jonathan lives in East Sussex and has exhibited his paintings and drawings throughout the United Kingdom.  Jonathan Christie’s paintings are inspired by real places and objects, but in the memory, reimagined, conflated, obscured and elucidated. Deploying watercolour, graphite and sgraffito on a gesso board, he will incise, distress, glaze and wash, but always guided by the powerful impulse of drawing. In this way the paintings emerge from change and development, traces of their genesis apparent at completion.


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