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Kate Downie


Norseman Village, 2022

ink and watercolour on gesso ground wood
H:30cm W:50cm
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New Day Crossing, 2018

oil on canvas
H:100cm W:100cm
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Growing Forms, 2019

H:78cm W:58cm
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The October Crabapple, 2018

ink and watercolour on paper
H:60cm W:50cm
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Route 66 (Arterial System), 2017

oil and mixed media on birch panel
H:48cm W:64cm
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Kate Downie in her Studio, 2021

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Kate Downie

Born: 1958
Place of Birth: North Carolina, USA

Kate Downie was born in North Carolina but raised from the age of 7 in Scotland. She studied at Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen before travel and residencies took her to the United States, England, Amsterdam, Paris and Japan. Her constant search for new challenges and inspirations has seen her set up studios in such diverse places as a brewery, an oil rig, and an abandoned Hydroponicum.

As a Landscape painter her subject matter is often the man-made rather than the natural, but it is defined by good draughtsmanship and a sense of movement.

‘One of my creative concerns is to define these spaces between buildings rather than the buildings themselves. The object lesson for me is the witnessing and the drawing of these nonplaces which are also, by definition, public arenas of cumulative activity. My job as an artist is to accommodate these actions in our contemporary lives, and to find the poetry within.’
– Kate Downie

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