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Lisa Hammond


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Lisa Hammond

Born: 1956

Fascinated with pots from a young age, Lisa consolidated her training in studio pottery in Medway, Kent. She set up Greenwich Pottery Workshop in 1980 alongside teaching at Goldsmiths College for some thirteen years, where committed students and staff helped her to pioneer the use of soda glaze in the UK.

Lisa’s work embraces the extensive range of thrown functional ware for the preparation, cooking and serving of food. It is immensely important to her that this work is used in daily life. Alongside her functional ware she has always made a range of work that is more individual and playful. The development of these pieces is a result of the time Lisa spent in Japan, making, firing, and exhibiting. Her forms are strong, fluid and understated and are intended to retain a suggestion of the soft plasticity of the clay.

‘Alongside exploring new forms in my pots, it’s the nature of the firing process and its variability that keeps me focused and driven to develop new work after forty years.’ – Lisa Hammond, 2016

The Scottish Gallery hosted a solo exhibition of Lisa Hammond’s work in January 2019.

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