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Lise Bech

Lise Bech

Meet the Artist

Born: 1951
Place of Birth: Denmark

Lise Bech, originally from Denmark, now lives and works from her studio in Fife where she grows a wide range of willows (Salix species) for her basket making.

Lise’s initial interest and motivation in taking up basketry was her desire to be involved with the whole process of making beautiful and useful organic objects: from the growing and harvest of the raw materials through to design and final execution of the piece – each step satisfying her love of and commitment to the natural world. Working exclusively with Scottish willow – much of it organically grown, tended and harvested (coppiced) by hand – she weaves traditional as well as contemporary pieces.

‘I made my first basket whilst living in Northern Ireland under the expert tuition of the aptly named Ms Greenwood! When I moved to Scotland she gave me one hundred willow cuttings thus ensuring I would ‘keep my hand in’. That was the start of my love affair with willow. Growing my own materials keeps me connected with the seasonal rhythms and has fostered a sense of pride and integrity with regards to the final product – homegrown, organic, carefully harvested and lovingly handmade in Scotland’ – Lise Bech

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