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Ndidi Ekubia


Elliptical Vessel I, 2023

Britannia silver, hand-hammered, oval shape
H:6.5cm W:6.5cm D:5.5cm
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Curve Vessel III, 2023

Britannia silver, hand-hammered, barrel shape
H:6.5cm W:6cm D:6cm
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Ndidi Ekubia

Born: 1973
Place of Birth: Manchester

I am excited by the sensual and rich forms that can be created by the rhythmic process of making and believe my nature is reflected through my work. It is delightful to be absorbed in every stage, from design to the finished piece.

Ndidi’s inspirations stem from the patterns of everyday life: from architecture through to organic natural forms. In turn her artistic landscape has been determined by the bold African shapes, textiles, food and passionate family conversation of her childhood. I have recently relocated to my birth city of Manchester in the north of the UK which presents change of landscape and energy.

The pieces are made using traditional silversmithing techniques that require the beating of sheet metal over steel and wooden forms. This process allows her to explore the resistance and strength of silver sheet with specialist hammers. The process of creating these rich sensual forms is a rhythmical, mesmerising scene of tools pushing the metal to its limit, emphasising the fluid vitally of each form. Each piece exposes an emotional response to the material, each one a unique blend of order and chaos.

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