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Paul Preston

Paul Preston

Meet the Artist

Born: 1943
Place of Birth: Leeds

Born in Leeds, Paul Preston a.k.a. the ‘Red Mole’ originally practised architecture before becoming a self-taught jeweller. His combination of fine workmanship and imaginative ideas make him one of the most distinctive contemporary British jewellers today. Paul practised architecture for just two years before retiring to dive the waters round Lands End for crawfish and the recovery of non-ferrous metals from wrecks. His interest in jewellery began after seeing the jewellery of artist and sculptor Breon O’Casey.

A large proportion of Paul’s work is based on themes from nature, especially birds and fish. This natural world in metal often has a strong element of fantasy influenced by cartoons and story books, as well as a whimsical, poetic quality.

Paul Preston now works from his studio in West Wales. His work is in many public and private collections including the Victoria & Albert Museum, London.

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