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Pauline Burbidge


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Pauline Burbidge

Photography by Phil Dickson
Born: 1950
Place of Birth: Dorset

‘I immerse myself in the process of making and fuse this together with the imagery that inspires me. I never tire of making, creating and inventing with cloth, colour and texture; it is where I find balance and contentment. Textiles are my celebrated medium, linking fine-art and craftwork.’ Pauline Burbidge

Pauline Burbidge is a textile artist, designer and quiltmaker based in the Scottish Borders. The landscape, plant-forms and seasonal changes provide endless resource and inspiration.

‘I draw, stitch, print and collage my way through many processes to create what I see as ‘textile landscapes’. Today I make two types of quilt, some are wall hangings/fabric collages, and others functional, practical, whole-cloth quilts.  My career spans over more than four decades – throughout this time I have developed my own unique visual language.’ – Pauline Burbidge

Public Collections include:
International Quilt Museum, USA; Victoria & Albert Museum, London; Shipley Art Gallery, Gateshead; National Museums Scotland, Edinburgh.

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