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Pippin Drysdale


Collection of Porcelain Vessels

H:17-20cm D:9-12cm
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Minimus I, Tanamin Trace Series IV vessel (detail)

Hand built porcelain, green and yellow
H:19cm W:11cm
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Pippin Drysdale

Born: 1943
Place of Birth: Melbourne, Australia

Pippin Drysdale lives in Fremantle, Western Australia. Her simple structures with delicate lines and special shading in sublime subtleties reflect her own travels through the landscape. Engaging with the land at distance and close proximity, she finds inspiration to create sensation through the fragmented nature of dream and memory. Drysdale uses these sensations as a guide to form each vessel, the glazes, the texture of the surface and the patterns and shadows across it.

Her work is exhibited internationally and can be found in numerous public collections, including the National Museums of Scotland, Edinburgh.

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