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Sheila MacMillan


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Sheila MacMillan

Born: 1928
Died: 2018

Her training as a geographer, allowed her to use her understanding of land formation, the delicate balance of the seasons and explore the interaction between Man and the environment.

Sheila Macnab Macmillan was born in Glasgow in 1928. She attained a degree in Geography at Glasgow University and went on to train as a teacher. Her painting talent was encouraged by her artist uncle Iain Macnab RE ROI (1890–1967) who persuaded Sheila to come to London and train under him. Iain Macnab had been Principal at Heatherley’s Art School (1925–1940) and became the founding Principal of the Grosvenor School of Modern Art. Sheila’s London influences and Glasgow School foundations evolved into a distinctive and individual style. She usually worked en plein air and her work is semi abstract.

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