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Tsubusa Kato

Tsubusa Kato

Meet the Artist

Born: 1962
Place of Birth: Gifu, Japan

Tsubusa Kato was born in Onadacho, Tajimi, Gifu prefecture, Japan and he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Tajimi City Pottery Design and Technical Centre Gifu in 1979. His work is defined by the manipulation of a New Zealand porcelain combined with a celadon glaze and while much of his work takes on a dynamic and indefinable form, the end result is subtle and sensitive. The glaze and clay are not restricted to a defined form, but change with each viewing. Traditionally glaze is applied with decorative purpose but Kato is motivated by a desire to express the true form of glaze as a material.

He is an instinctive artist and uses incredible physical force to manipulate a temperamental material. The end result is unforced, organic and speaks of nature. We are very grateful to Sokyo Gallery who have produced a film that gives further insight into the work of Tsubusa Kato.

Public collections include:

Tomo Museum, Tokyo; The Brooklyn Museum, USA; The Art Institute of Chicago, USA.

Tsubusa’s work featured in A Japanese Design, August 2020

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