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Vicki Ambery-Smith


Venetian Detail Earrings I, 2014

silver, yellow gold
L:1.4cm H:1.7cm W:1.4cm
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Gold Dome Pendant, 2020

silver, gold dome
L:18cm H:2.2cm W:1.5cm D:1.1cm
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Small Beehives Earrings, 2016

silver, yellow 18ct
L:1.5cm H:1.7cm W:1.2cm
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Gold Domes Earrings, 2021

silver, 18ct gold
L:1.7cm H:1.7cm W:1.5cm
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Guggenheim Museum New York, Cufflinks, 2017

L:2.3cm H:1.5cm W:1.7cm
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Georgian Windows Cufflinks, 2022

silver, red gold
L:2.5cm H:2.2cm W:1.2cm
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Duckhouses Cufflinks, 2022

silver, cold enamel
L:2.5cm H:2.5cm W:1.5cm
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Classical Façades Cufflinks, 2022

silver, red gold
L:2.1cm H:1.5cm W:1.8cm
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Inigo Jones Façade Box, 2011

silver & red gold plate
L:1.5cm H:3.9cm W:3.5cm
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Round Tower Pigeonnier Box, 2016

silver, red gold plate
H:7.8cm D:4.4cm
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Scottish Doocot Lapel Pin – Inspired by Megginch, 2018

silver with red & yellow gold
H:4cm W:2.5cm D:2cm
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St Giles Cathedral Brooch, 2023

silver, red & yellow gold
H:5.8cm W:2.1cm D:1.2cm
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Vicki Ambery-Smith

Photography by Paul Read
Born: 1955
Place of Birth: Leeds, England

Vicki Ambery-Smith creates delicate and ornate small-scale jewellery and boxes inspired by real and imaginary buildings. Especially attracted to the structural clarity and minimal ornament of Romanesque and Renaissance architecture, she also uses forms reminiscent of the modernist structures of Mies van der Rohe and Frank Lloyd Wright.

As all her jewellery is designed to be worn, and worn comfortably, the three-dimensional architectural structures on which she bases her work must be adapted rather than merely replicated in miniature, with the effect of distancing them further from their original referent. In this way, attention is drawn to the form of the pieces, and their intricate detail and definition. Far more than a representation of a building, each becomes an exquisite study of shape, surface, light and space as Vicki explores the language of architecture herself.

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