The J.G. Scott Collection

30 Jul 2021 - 28 Aug 2021

We are delighted to host The J.G. Scott Collection as part of our 2021 Festival exhibition programme. J.G. Scott (1930 – 2019) was a great friend to The Gallery whose diverse collection of paintings and prints reflects the taste of an individual that changed and developed over a lifetime of looking and enjoying art. The landscape of Scotland is well represented with both topographical and expressionist examples from William Daniell, Joan Eardley, Geoff Uglow and Sir William Gillies. He responded to the New Wave Glasgow painters like Howson and Conroy in the mid-eighties and felt kinship with the expressionist Joseph Urie and the damaged genius Ian Hughes. Included are abstract compositions by Alan Davie and Antoni Tapies, as well as joyous colourful examples by John Bellany, Alberto Morrocco and Sir William MacTaggart. Within the exhibition we can find many subjects and different artistic voices and can deduce that this collection was a resting place for his intellect through which we can certainly know the man and appreciate his individual collector's eye.

Artists include; Mardi Barrie, John Bellany, John Brown, David Byers Brown, John Clerk of Eldin, Robert Colquhoun, Stephen Conroy, William Daniell, Alan Davie, Joan Eardley, Ian Fleming, Sir William Gillies, JD Fergusson, Josef Herman, Peter Howson, Ian Hughes, Henry Kondracki, Sir William MacTaggart, Ewan McClure, John McLean, Mary Maclean, James McNaught, Michael McVeigh, James Morrison, Alberto Morrocco, Leon Morrocco, Robert Powell, Geoffrey Roper, Antoni Tápies, Geoff Uglow, Joseph Urie and Frederik De Wit.

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