Various Artists

Amongst the Trees

6 June 2024 - 27 July 2024

Amongst the Trees is a celebration of creativity and the diverse ways in which artists engage with their natural and man-made surroundings. It also beckons us into unexplored realms, which may not initially reveal themselves, prompting contemplation on the interconnectedness of all living beings. Amidst the sculptures from Andrea Geile, we have carefully selected and curated contemporary and modern paintings and objects which include established artists and introduce new talents less familiar, such as Sheila Anderson Hardy from the Scottish Borders, the Behrens family from Pittenweem, David Rae from Edinburgh and Pascale Rentsch from East Lothian. As we anticipate Victoria Crowe’s 80th birthday in 2025, we have assembled a capsule collection featuring her early and mid-career paintings and prints. These offer insight into Crowe’s early years in Scotland and her evolving relationship with the landscape. Among the modern artists is Adam Bruce Thomson (1885-1976), a former war veteran and lecturer at Edinburgh College of Art.

Amongst the Trees also pays tribute to Hugo Burge (1972-2023) the British entrepreneur, philanthropist, and art lover, who together with his father renovated Marchmont House in the Scottish Borders and made a significant home for artists and creators. The exhibition includes rush seating from the Marchmont Studios and pots from the Redbraes Pottery.

Featured artists: Sheila Anderson Hardy, Ash & Plumb, Kirstie Behrens, Margaret Smyth (Behrens), Reinhard Behrens, Stephen Bird, Philip Braham, Colin Brown, Doug Cocker, Victoria Crowe, Kate Downie, Andrea Geile, Martin Greenland, Derrick Guild, Claire Harkess, Euan Heng, Michael McVeigh, David Rae, Paul Reid, Pascale Rentsch, Adam Bruce Thomson, Earl Haig, Julia Heseltine, James Morrison, Ula Paine

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