Douglas Fitch & Hannah McAndrew

b.1964 & 1977

Fitch & McAndrew | Cohesion

Douglas Fitch & Hannah McAndrew

photo credit: Shannon Tofts
Photography by Shannon Tofts
Born: 1964 & 1977

‘Our life is our work and our work is our life – we live and we breathe pottery.’  Douglas Fitch

Fitch and McAndrew are internationally renowned potters who live and work in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland.  Doug Fitch and Hannah McAndrew were brought together by a shared love of slip decorated earthenware and historical, traditional pottery. They enjoy life with their two young children, in their home and workshop with wood-fired kiln which is hidden away in the beautiful Scottish countryside.

‘In 2013, Hannah and I became partners in life and in business. We are long established studio potters specialising in slipware and we work from our studio and home in Castle Douglas in Dumfries and Galloway. Our styles complement, as we have evolved from similar influences, but our work is also distinct from the another. We exhibit and travel regularly to Japan and throughout the USA. Hannah and I share materials: we both work in red earthenware, decorated with a self-imposed restricted palette of coloured slips, covered with rich honey glazes. The pots are fired in the wood kiln, which we stoke continuously for up to twenty hours. It’s a strange thing, to be excited by something as simple as a brown clay jug and I can’t explain it, but it seems that it happens to some people; it just gets under your skin. Our life is our work and our work is our life – we live and we breathe pottery.’ – Douglas Fitch

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