January Blues

06 Jan 2021 - 30 Jan 2021

This January we are turning our world blue; from the rich, sumptuous tones of Michael Becker’s lapis lazuli jewellery to the subtle, natural hues of Mary Bourne’s slate wall pieces and Harry Morgan’s architectural masterpieces in glass and concrete. There is much to discover and celebrate in the colour blue. Featuring work from: Michael Becker, Sue Binns, Stephen Bird, Mary Bourne, Elizabeth Jane Campbell, Lis Ehrenreich, Gus Fisher, Shelby Fitzpatrick, Professor Koji Hatakeyama, Tsubusa Kato, Walter Keeler, Emily Kidson, Roger Law, Nel Linssen, Bodil Manz, Harry Morgan, Cara Murphy, David Pottinger, Wendy Ramshaw, Lara Scobie, Paul Scott, Edward Teasdale, Adi Toch, Andrea Walsh and Misun Won.


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