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Museum Collections

We have been instrumental in selling Contemporary Objects to museum collections in the UK and abroad. These sales are often made with the generous assistance of The Art Fund; a process we understand and are happy to provide curatorial and financial information. Please contact us if you are a museum professional, or are responsible for a collection.

We are proud to have sold many Paintings and Contemporary objects to a formidable selection of museums and public collections.

  • Aberdeen: Aberdeen Art Gallery and Museums
  • Aberystwyth: University of Wales
  • Belfast: Arts Council of Northern Ireland
  • Cambridge: The Fitzwilliam Museum
  • Cardiff: The National Museum and Gallery of Wales
  • Dundee: The McManus Art Gallery and Museum
  • Dumfries: Gracefield Arts Centre
  • Dunfermline: Carnegie Trust
  • Edinburgh: City Arts Centre; Edinburgh College of Art; Heriot-Watt University; National Museums of Scotland; Queen Margaret College; Royal Edinburgh Hospital; Scottish Arts Council; Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art; Scottish National Portrait Gallery; Edinburgh University; The Watson Trust; Museums and Galleries Edinburgh (City of Edinburgh Council)
  • Glasgow: Art Gallery and Museums; Collins Art Gallery; Glasgow University; Lillie Art Gallery
  • Kendal: Abbot Hall Art Gallery
  • Kettering: Museum and Art Gallery
  • Kirkcaldy: Museums and Art Gallery
  • London: Crafts Council; National Portrait Gallery; The Contemporary Arts Society; The Tate Gallery; Victoria and Albert Museum
  • Manchester: City Art Gallery; Whitworth Art Gallery
  • Middlesborough: Institute of Modern Art
  • Newcastle: Laing Art Gallery and Museum
  • Oxford: St Anne’s College
  • Paisley: Museum and Art Galleries
  • Perth: Museum and Art Gallery
  • Reading: Museum and Art Galleries
  • St Andrews: The University
  • Sheffield: Museums; Sheffield Graves Art Gallery
  • Stirling: The University
  • The Goldsmiths' Company, London
  • Ulster: National Museums Northern Ireland; Ulster Museum
  • York: The University
  • Australia: National Gallery of Art, Sydney; National Museum of Victoria, Melbourne
  • Canada: Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto
  • Germany: Kunstmuseum Dusseldorf
  • Holland: Ridderkerk District Council
  • New Zealand: Public Art Gallery, Dunedin
  • United States: Art Museum of Santa Barbara, California

Small Hammer Raised Silver Cup, 1977

H:3.7cm D:6cm
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Primavera Brooch, 2018

18ct gold and vitreous enamel
H:4.3cm W:5.6cm D:1.8cm
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Three Cone Necklace, Wedgwood Series, 1982

18ct gold, Picasso Jasper
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Sakura III/18, Sakura IV/18, Rising Rhythm I/19, Ferrous Standing Form I/19 & Rill Vessel II/19 by Eleanor Lakelin, 2018-2019

cherry wood; horse chesnut & Sequoia (grown in Britain from seeds brought over from California in 1854) - Giant Redwood
H:16-62cm W:14-30cm D:14-30cm
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Gold Tipped Brooch, 2001

oxidised silver, 18ct gold
H:1.3cm D:8cm
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Large Ash Vessel II

H:36cm D:80cm
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‘Eclipse Night’, Large Moon Jar, 2019

stoneware with landscape inclusions
H:65cm W:65cm
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Sinew Miniature Vase by Kevin Grey, 2018

H:7cm W:6cm D:6cm
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Seni Vase by Hiroshi Suzuki, 2018

hammer raised and chased fine silver 999
H:4.5cm W:4cm
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Hurricane Force 12, 2015

Cast sterling silver and enamel. Enamel by Jane Short.
W:13cm D:12cm
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Silver Engraved Beaker, 2015

Britannia silver with gilt interior
H:4.8cm W:4cm
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Purple Dream Ringset (10 part), c.2006

18ct white gold with amethyst, lolite, on delrin stand with inlaid coloured bands
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Triangle Plate, 2015

Porcelain and celadon glaze
H:13cm W:32.5cm D:25.5cm
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Amaru Necklace by Emmeline Hastings, 2017

black acrylic, oxidised silver, 18ct yellow, rose and white gold
L:41cm H:11cm W:4cm D:2cm
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The Ash Beaker, 2015

One of two silver beakers jointly commissioned by The Scottish Gallery, Bonhams and Hamilton & Inches. Designed by Grant McCaig and handcrafted by Hamilton & Inches' silversmiths.
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Scott’s Cumbrian Blue(s), Fukushima No. 8, 2016

in-glaze decal collage with Kintsugi type repair on broken and re-assembled Double Phoenix Willow platter, by Nikko, Japan c.1966 with brass pins, gold leaf, tile cement and epoxy resin. Last Kintsugi
H:30cm W:41cm
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Paper Necklace, 2015

Reinforced paper and elastic thread
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The Beauty of Rain I, 2016

Hand raised and chased Britannia silver with gilt interior
H:13.5cm D:14.5cm
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The Beauty of Rain II, 2016

Hand chased and raised Britannia silver
H:15cm W:31.5cm
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Scott’s Cumbrian Blue(s), Cow in a Meadow After Damien Hirst, 2014

assemblage, in-glaze decal and gold on Bernardaud porcelain platter with sliced cow creamer c.1850
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Red Form by Merete Rasmussen, 2016

H:41cm W:58cm D:49cm
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The Enemy Within – Catchphrase Beaker

Engraved Britannia silver, part gilt
H:5cm W:6.5cm
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Hammer raised silver vessel, 2003

H:7.5cm W:14.2cm
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‘The Last of The Silver Darlings’, 2014

Free-blown glass jar and lid with canemara and incalmo technique, hot sculpted fish and finial
H:49cm D:25cm
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Korean Glass 2, 2017

blown glass and ceramic parts from English manufactured teapots
H:20cm W:12cm
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Wallendorf Porcelain Tile with 4 Porcelain Summer Tree ‘Shots’

Porcelain, in-glaze decals and gold lustre
H:7.5cm W:25cm D:20cm
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Windturbines with Vindsäter Tree, 2013

In-glaze screen-print decal collage on old enamel plate
H:25.5cm W:25.5cm D:1.5cm
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Reticello Urn, 2010

Blown glass
H:73cm W:28cm
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Collection of Faceted Boxes by Andrea Walsh, 2009-2013

fine bone china and glass
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Scatter Brooch by Elizabeth Jane Campbell, 2013

silver, ceramic, vitreous enamel, steel pin
W:7.5cm D:1.5cm
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Slanted Red Sand Bowl, 2013

Britannia silver, red sand
H:7cm W:14cm
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Adam and Eve with Eyes, 2013

clay, pigment, glaze
H:35cm W:43cm
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White Camelia Vase by Katharine Coleman, 2011

emerald green glass overlaid on clear lead crystal
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The Walter Scott Prize, 2012-2013

kilncast glass
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Scott’s Cumbrian Blue(s), Ting Tang, Upcycled Slotte Trash

Suomi Finlandia, Arabia Willow and Gustavsberg Stanbul, set of three platesbowls. Inglaze decals on Caroline Slotte's cut earthenware forms trashed with gold lustre.
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Foot and Mouth, 2012

in-glaze decal collage on plate
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Seascale Pigeon 14

Inglaze decal collage and gold lustre on old earthenware platter c.1930, marked Bristol Poutney and Co
H:33cm W:40cm
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Hedgerow No:6

in-glaze decal collage and gold lustre on old earthenware plate c.1930
H:28cm W:38cm
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A Willow for Ai Weiwei, 2011/2012

Erased, cracked Willow pattern platter, c.1840, with in-glaze decal collaging and gold lustre
H:26cm W:45.3cm D:5.2cm
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Two Semi Circular Silver Containers on Gilded Slate, 2009

base dimensions 20 l 10 w x 2 d cms, Beaker dimensions 9 h x 4.1 d x 6.5 w cms
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Torus in Matrix (red), 2006

hard anodised aluminium
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Universe, 2007

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A Charm of Goldfinches by Paul Preston, 2007

H:5.91cm W:5.1cm D:2.43cm
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Vessels in the Mist Series

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Broken China Bowls by Katharine Coleman

glass overlaid on clear lead crystal
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Installation of vessels in studio, 2009

slipcast porcelain
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The Crown Princess Takes Tea by Katharine Coleman, 2009

glass overlaid on clear lead crystal
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La Nuova Religione Madonna, 2009

H:52cm W:19cm D:13cm
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